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Pronunciation :/Kre'a.triks/
Noun (plural creatrixes or creatives)
1. (rare) A female Creator
2. A female who brings forth or produces; a mother
3. A female founder, authoress, creatrix
4. Y'Na  Evans
pronunciation :/yuh.nay/
I help others birth their babies & their visions. 

Birth & Postpartum Doula

I am birth & postpartum doula serving Atlanta, Georgia and Greater Atlanta area. As a child birth professional I support, advocate, encourage expecting families. I am very passionate about creating and holding space for mothers before, during and after child birth.  I am a self-proclaimed guardian & protector of mothers and children. I am an advocate for self care and believes it is a revolutionary act for everyone, especially women. I  believe, “The way that a woman enters motherhood can leave a powerful imprint on how she approaches her health, wellness and self care in the future.”  Healthy mothers in mind, body and spirit tend to have healthy thriving children. 

I am happily married with 5 amazing children, 3 of which I have given birth to. I  enjoy spending time outdoors with my family, walking in nature, practicing yoga, dancing, eating, art, reading, relaxing, designing and creating. Like most doulas, my doula bag has all the tools for comforting and supporting moms. However, I  also use my divine tools of intuition, instinct, wisdom, experience, empathy, creativity, compassion and love. These tools cannot be certified or taught.  

I am D.O.N.A. trained birth doula and a C.A.P.P.A. trained postpartum doula. I  also volunteer with an on-call doula collective that supports women in Atlanta, GA. I will be certified in Yoga to further support women during prenatal and postpartum pregnancy. My goal is to become a child birth educator assisting women, to bring volume to their voices through informed decisions, and to remind mothers of their true power and divinity within. Follow my journey on Facebook and instagram: @doulayna


I am  a graphic designer with a degree in art. I have been designing for over 10 years. I interned and started my design journey with a historical art museum as their Communications Manager.  This environment truly fed the creative that lives in me for 5 years. I creates energetic, original, cohesive designs and solves visual communication problems. I enjoy combining concepts, dynamic type, amazing images, and expressive color to deliver ingenious solutions. Because of my early introduction of history, artifacts and African art as a child, as well as my love for metaphysics, mindfulness, culture, science fiction and fantasy I tend to design with rich color, shapes and strong symbolism. 


I specialize in print design. I am passionate about all things creative, and love to study and experiment with many forms of art. My goal is to Art Direct innovative projects manifesting my  visions of powerful messages of humanity, culture, nature, spirituality, motherhood and womanhood.