"Hiring a Doula is Self Care" Y'Na

Empowered Birth | Birth Coach $650

This is birth support only which includes, (1) hr video or phone consultation, an introduction email of evidence based educational prenatal/Postnatal materials and a postpartum visit after birth.

Doula Packages 

Self Care Package $800

This is my most basic package. With this package you will receive a prenatal & postpartum visit. I will come to your home and we’ll cover comfort techniques, labor and birthing options, your birth preference plan, and your postpartum plan. 

I offer unlimited text and e-mail support throughout your entire pregnancy and will be reachable 24/7 beginning two weeks prior to your estimated due date. I will accompany you to your care provider appointments for an additional $25 fee/appointment. 

Self Love Package $1000

This package provides a little more support for mom, partner and the family. This package includes (1) Prenatal Video/Phone Consultation and (1) prenatal visit,  (2) postpartum visits. I offer unlimited phone, text, and e-mail support throughout your entire pregnancy and will be reachable 24/7 beginning two weeks prior to your estimated due date. I will accompany you to your care provider appointments for an additional $25 fee/appointment.

You’re first prenatal meeting will take place in your home with your partner. We will cover topics such as comfort techniques, options in labor, birthing positions, local resources, and a plan for your postpartum support. You’re second prenatal meeting can take place in your home or see here  for additional options. I’ll help you finalize your birth preferences, review information from our first meeting, and discuss your postpartum support plan. The first postpartum visit should be within 7-9 days after birth. Your second postpartum visit will be within the first 6 months of birth. 



Sacred Momma Package $1300

This package provides flexibility and allows the client to customize their support. This includes (4) visits in which the client  will decide what kind of visits these will be based on the needs of the mother, partner and household. This package offers everything that the Self Love package provides as a base. We can discuss this more in detail during our consultation call. 


Trimester 4 Postpartum Package $300

This package is a flat rate for 5 days, Monday -Friday at 3 hrs per day. (M-F; Available Time Slots:  8 am - 11 am | 12 pm to 3 pm EST). I offer my clients physical, emotional, informational support.  My role is different with each mother and family. I will come in and intuitively evaluate where I am needed most. I will ask Mom how I can support her. During my time with my families I educate and support them so that they feel confident in caring for their newborn themselves when I am gone. As an advocate for self-care I also want to impress upon mom, ways of caring for herself once I am gone and to ask for help.

Thank you for considering me and thank you for your business. It brings me so much joy to serve others and sustain my own family simultaneously. I promise to always do my best, be my best and serve you and your family to the best of my ability.

Promises are personal and human. We understand their importance and their power. After all, the foundation of our integrity is the promises we keep, and it’s through honoring and delivering on those promises that trust is earned. We are the promises we pledge to keep. I promise responsiveness, proactivity, fun, honesty, accountability, dedication, and customer care with a sense of urgency for earning your satisfaction.  Thank you for entrusting me with such a sacred and precious moment in your life.


* All birth packages require a nonrefundable deposit and include a back up doula at no additional cost to the client. There are payment plan options for those that choose the Self Love &  Sacred Wombman Package. I accept FSA/HSA payments via Square. I honor ADC Doula service prices for patients referred by Midwives and Associates in Atlanta, GA and Atlanta Doula Collective. I am also a member of the Atlanta Doula Collective where I volunteer  or provide services for BIPOC mothers. I was this mother before and I believe all mothers deserve a doula, I wish I had one. Please contact Atlanta Doula Collective  (678.834.9044) and request for me.