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HUEmans Hike

Negative Ions and Positive Vibes

Huemans Hike is an African American beginners and intermediate hiking group that encourages entire families to return to nature to learn, connect and heal as a community. All are welcome, but this group has been orchestrated with the intention of healing our communities specifically. 


“The word "hue" means, "color" so when we put hue and man together, we would have the word "hueman," which would mean "colored man." Black people are documented in history as the original man and wombman and creators of civilization, where all humanity evolved from.”


Our communities have experienced centuries of trauma and it is not in the past. The curse of slavery has caused an intergenerational inheritance of suffering, poor & physical mental health.  There are social injustices, prejudices, and racism that were birth during enslavement of Africans (1619 -1865), civil war and later the Jim Crow era. Black men, wombmen and children were terrorized, tortured, murdered and treated inhumanely for centuries.  


It's time to create spaces for the entire family to participate in healthy engagement with each other and other families within the communities. Creating moments of intimate dialogue, exercise and positive vibes. 


There will be themed hikes such as Nature walks lead by herbalists to educate families of medicinal plants. We will also schedule mom walks as I am also a birth and postpartum child birth-worker. There is so much potential and growth of where this can go. However, this group will be inclusive to men, women and children of all ages. We intend to implement guided meditations, journaling and moments of reflections for each individual all while enjoying all that Mother Nature has to offer. 

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