The Circle of Life.

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

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The Circle of Life: Thirteen Archetypes for Every Woman

Elizabeth Davis & Carol Leonard (Pages 24-25)

The Mother

The Stage of the Mothers is life at it's zenith. This is the time when women meet the Great Creatrix, and merge with the divine matrix of life through the second Blood Mystery of childbirth. No matter how birth transpires-- whether naturally and spontaneously or with numerous interventions-- the experience reaches deep to the roots of a woman's identity, transforming her utterly. The prime lesson of this Blood Mystery regards surrender and control; it is the paradoxical discovery that only by letting go do we gain mastery.

The Midwife (Birth Worker: Doula)

The stage of the Midwife may be otherwise known as that of the teacher and facilitator, she who has known firsthand the transformation of birth (be it the birth of a baby or her own creative self) and is now ready to help others through the same process. We all remember the wonderful teacher who helped us discover our most heartfelt ideas or greatest talents, then encouraged us to take wing and fly. This is the role of the midwife.

Ella Jardim, Pregnant Woman, Unsplash

I attracted this book before I was clear about moving into My doula journey. Although many years ago I entertained the idea of becoming a doula, I pushed it aside to focus on being a mother. In hindsight there were so many signals, screaming Doula! Y'Na, you are a birth worker! You have a a powerful mothering energy. People were sent, seeds were planted but it wasn't until I faced my shadow side, did my personal work and healing that I saw it clearly. This work has come to me with ease and flow. I know that I am walking in my truth because it's easy. Without a website or marketing materials I attracted 4 mothers in a 1-2 month time period, requesting my support.

I am a very spiritual person and this book fed my craving for spirituality and the deep intuitive knowing I have about womanhood, motherhood, sisterhood, woman's mysteries and the birthing process. I highly recommend reading this book. Although women don't hold space for sister circles like we used to historically, it reminds us of the importance of women gathering. The wisdom and great mysteries that we can gift each other. Woman are very powerful and along the way we forgot just how powerful we are. We are all on similar journeys and that knowledge is comforting. It's also beneficial for women to share their stories, and other women to advise based not their experience and knowledge. I wish to create space for mothers and women through retreats so that we can began to learn and heal through our interactions. I truly am joyful about making a living by simply being me and doing the things that I love. I love being a birth worker.

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