Mothers of The Matrix, Oracle Card Deck

Updated: Dec 20, 2019

Auset, Mothers of the Matrix, Oracle Card

I was created to create. I have always loved attractive, beautiful and striking things. It is because of my early introduction to history, African art as well as my love for nature, spirituality, and science fiction that I wanted to contribute to that beauty with my own interpretation of visual language. For five years, I had the opportunity to work with an Atlanta Fine Art Museum. Through that experience, I was able to discover what medium I loved most which embraces collage, photography, mixed media and watercolor. I was introduced to Artists such as Lillian Blades, Lynn Marshall-Linnemeier, Michael D. Harris and Theodore Harris whose exhibitions gave me a renewed view of what art can be.

I provide graphic design service to others, however graphic art is my creative expression. Through my training as a graphic designer I have found a way to combine my appreciation for each medium and compose my own art manifestations by combining concepts, dynamic type, and amazing images to deliver stunning creations. I tend to create with strong symbolism that expresses influences of life, birth, death and rebirth, a reflection of my work as a doula.

My current series, entitled “Mothers of the Matrix” will be original graphic montages and collages for an oracle card deck of 44 cards. Oracle cards are a tool for those seeking guidance in their life. Like tarot cards, oracle cards give insight into relationships, healing, careers, life purpose and finances while giving the recipient peace of mind and confidence in their decisions.

Sekhmet, Oracle Card, Deck

This is a series that has marinated in my creative awareness for 3-4 years. As a user of oracle cards, I noticed the artwork reflected in current oracle card decks do not reflect women who look like me. I decided to honor the powerful Creatrices throughout history and the African Diaspora for their contribution to humanity. This art series will also have a companion book written in storyteller form and co-authored by me.

My goal as an artist is to have my creativity sustain all of my needs. Creative directing projects, creating coffee table Books, designing Book Cover Art and having my own art exhibitions are goals I intend to achieve. I want the work that I create to serve as a tool to help facilitate the healing and nurturing of women, especially Women of color. Anything I do, I do with my whole heart. If you are interested in being a part of this deck of amazing creatices email your high resolution image to Let me transform you into the Creatrix you are!!

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