Magnet Therapy: Treating Heartburn While Pregnant

Updated: Jan 31, 2020

Dr. Eguniyalode Coleman, Holistic Wellness Specialist, Think Freshly

Dr. Eguniyalode Coleman is an Holistic Wellness Specialist, Doctor of Public Health with over 16 years of practical experience, and owner of #ThinkFreshWellness; an international healing house of natural remedy & therapies, organic life essentials, counseling/education + traditional holistic birth & postpartum doula services. Through these areas, 'Iyalode’ incorporates aspects of Indigenous, African spirituality in to her practice to restore and fortify the natural balance and order of Life Force energy within the original Keepers. Dr. Coleman works closely with community members in the promotion of preventative wellness and the lowering of (dis)ease and toxic life styles in our culture. Through this endeavor, 'Lode’ consults, coordinates, and motivates her clients to healthier ways of living through positive reinforcements and realistic yet attainable assessment goals. As a personal wellness initiative, she facilitates deep relaxation and meditation sessions which allows for that much needed power boost in self reconnection we often disregard. In addition to this and in an effort to combat dependency to medication and over medicating; Dr. Coleman provides Drug Free Pain Management remedies & sessions to support a better quality of life that allows for the detoxification of the blood, organs, and mind; resulting in lucid thoughts and the rejuvenation of life cells in the body. Her custom art therapeutic sessions have yielded emotional and psychological breakthroughs in both children and adults; promoting peace & self awareness. An author of 9 texts and dozens of healthcare articles; Eguniyalode writes to bring the most current and concise healthcare principles and practices, coupled with African Spirituality that is ideal for and belongs to the African throughout the diaspora as both dynamics were birthed from the womb of the Mother continent.


There are a variety crystals that can be used to ease and balance the many energy centers of the body, yet there is one stone that is a MUST have for expecting Mommies-to-be... That stone is Magnetite!!

The Demand to Heal:

I purchased my eight (8) stones in Milwaukee, Wisconsin to use as a visual aide to a homeschooling lesson on magnets. My boys enjoyed them so much we added them to our science project on building simple machines. I also used them to instruct a lesson on their metaphysical properties through mediation and consecration. I have even placed a few on our ancestral alter. They are great to just hold on to and rotate in one hand; relieving stress

and balancing the energy centers about the hand and arm. It wasn’t until I was met with the most INTOLLERABLE bout of heartburn I have EVER experienced, that I had discovered a new use for them (for me). These are my emotions towards heartburn during pregnancy. It has been, without a doubt, the worst part of all my three (3) of my pregnancies. Heartburn is the pure work of EVIL! I was so very desperate to find relief! It had been my 15th consecutive day of insufferable discomfort and none of my go to remedies worked. On this particular day, my youngest was playing with a couple stones then it hit me:

“I’m gonna use these stones to yank out this burning, TUHDAY!!”

Like I said, I was desperate!! Although the onset of heartburn is quick, its relief can be

anything, but. I don’t know if it was spoken into existence via my war cry of ‘fed-up-edness’ or a combination of the two; the affirmation and the therapy, but I was comforted after my first 30 minute session of sitting under the crystals.

About the Mineral:

Magnetite is naturally magnetized and is commonly used for magnetically alluring, manifesting, and or, attracting that of which you desire. Specifically, prosperity and abundance. It is also attributed to balancing the hemispheres of the brain as internally, this mineral can also be found there. Magnetite, also called Lodestone, is potent, the most magnetic of natural minerals, and is one of the more common iron oxides. It is often times

mistaken for Magnetic Hematite; a stone that is too magnetically charged, however, its magnetic charge is applied to the stone and it (the magnetism) does not occur naturally. So yes, and on a metaphysical or spiritual level: through keeping and meditating with this Magnetite, it is easy to envision how the stone can literally pull and attract what you seek, to you! It’s a very persuasive stone, in that regard.

Taking this practice up a notch, I experimented with the physical science of, and the spiritual healing this stone can assist with. In doing so, I’ll share, for clearer understanding, the physical functions of the stone. How does it work? Magnetite in its simplest form of purpose is a magnet made of iron; ferrous-ferric. Magnets basically attract and repel metals like iron and silver to and from it. Not all metals are magnetic, though. For example: copper is not magnetic. It is a conductor of both heat and energy. In view of that, the pulling and pushing of like magnetic metals is known as magnetism. Accordingly and electromagnetically (the use of electric currents to move magnetic metals/fields), the human body has iron and a number of other magnetic and non-magnetic metals circulating throughout it. A great deal of these metals can also be found within the foods we eat, disgust (at least TRY to digest), and store. Thus, bringing us to heartburn. What is it?

About Heartburn:

Heartburn I Love Lucy Gif

Heartburn is the burning sensation we experience during acid reflux; when stomach acid rises in to the throat or esophagus. Our stomach acid rises because of a malfunction with the valve that separates the stomach and the esophagus. This can happen due to the physical position of the body, or even eating your food too fast. However, during pregnancy, our internal abdominal organs go through a variation of uncomfortable rearrangements. The stomach, for instance, is pushed up, and over time it is progressively squelched and pressed up against by it's neighboring organs due to the growing fetus. This alone will cause the valve to fail. Even laying on your right side, depending on how far along you are in your pregnancy and how big the baby is; how much re-positioning and squishing has taken place, will cause stomach acid to “spill out” in to the esophagus causing INSTANT heartburn.

The contents of this stomach (gastric) acid includes:

Hydrochloric Acid (HCL) – A highly corrosive and strong mineral acid. Hydrogen has a positive charge and chlorine has a negative charge.

Potassium Chloride (KCL) – A metal halide (compound of metals and halogens [meaning salt producing]) salt. Potassium has a positive charge and chlorine has a negative charge.

Sodium Chloride (NaCL) – An ionic compound that’s commonly known as “table salt”. Sodium has a positive charge and chlorine has a negative charge.

It’s all about electricity, here. This is important to observe as due to electromagnetism and magnetobiology (the study of how low-frequency and weak static magnetic fields effect biological [living] organisms), we will observe how these electric charges and currents found in gastric acid are affected by and interact with that of the magnetite mineral. This form of magnetic manipulation is called Magnet Therapy. It is here that I would like to point out that unless the stomach is completely empty -of food- there will also be traces of food particles in the stomach being broken down by the stomach acid. So not only do we account for the electric charges of the components of the gastric acid, we must too take in to consideration the electric charges of the food we have ingested.

Magnetic Therapy:

Now, how do we bring the two (2) themes (electromagnetism and magnetobiology) together to heal and ease the distress of heartburn? The contents of our stomach acid as well as magnetite are polarized; consisting of both negative and positive charges. The contents of our stomach –digesting food- also has negative or positive electric charges and according to two (2) basic scientific principles:

“Opposite electric charges attract. Like electric charges repel. ”

Illustration on how a magnet works

The contents of the stomach acid and the magnetite will bond together at the body's lining. This is relevant to consider for as our gastric substances begin to rise in to the esophagus, these electric charges can then be handled.

About Healing:

Upon the onset of the heartburn sensation, lay back, slightly inclined, and place at least two (2) magnetite stones along the center of the chest and abdominal areas. Also note that the more stones used, the more effective the treatment. The negative or positive electric charges of the magnetite will attract the opposite positive or negative electric charges of the compounds with in the gastric acid; literally pulling the charges/contents up and easing the discomfort of the acid reflux.

When the session is complete, simply slide each crystal, one-by-one, down toward the stomach and then toward the lymph nodes located in the pelvic region to then be released and expelled from the body. Do not lift up the crystals before they have at least reached the stomach area. Doing so (sliding to the stomach) puts the contents back in their rightful place and not back in to the esophagus and recreating the discomfort. From my experience with both myself and clients, relief is felt within moments of crystal placement.

Repeat the session as desired and or if need be. Ase o for healing as I pray my insight is of assistance to you.


A special thank you to Dr. Coleman for being our first Guest Blogger with her many years of experience, knowledge, education, practice and indigenous wisdom. I have had several opportunities to get touch therapy from her and her hands are filled with healing. To contact Dr. Coleman for her services and follow her journey as Holistic Wellness Health Practitioner, Birth and Postpartum Doula. FB & IG: @ThinkFreshly |


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