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“When you recover or discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough about yourself to make room for it in your life.”
– Jean Shinoda Bolen

Series: Tell Ya Story Sis!

Releasing Trauma and Restoring the Womb 


Healing Our Stories 

Envision, walking into a space that is calm, quiet, and peaceful. You can smell lavender being diffused, hot herbal tea brewing, hear soft melodic music playing.  There is cold alkaline water and a healthy spread laid out for you to partake. Candles are lit and you are welcomed with the hug you needed all day, week, month or year. The space is safe and you feel it. 


During four different doula trainings, I remember that each instructor asked us to please keep our birth stories brief or to ourselves because we had to cover a lot of ground. In some classes there were times allotted to share those moments and when we did I saw the need for women to share their birth stories. No matter how long it's been since they gave birth, or how traumatic it was, women want to open up and tell their story. I decided to create a safe healing space for women to do this work with 3 other dynamic holistic practitioners .


Tell your Story, Sis’ is a spa slumber party experience that includes spa-like services. Examples of these products and services offered are herbal tea, guided meditation, massage, v-steam treatments and yoga.  The uniqueness of this event brings an added bonus of a “sacred sharing circle” with a relatable therapist. The overnight Spa like experience gives enough time to provide women the opportunity to experience each healing modality and be present to the work. 


In order to change the stories of the next generation we need to release the trauma and restore our wombs. We need to heal our stories! When we heal our stories, our daughters and granddaughters have a chance of empowered births and lives.

In addition, this event provides a sense of sisterhood and communal restoration as well as indirectly healing our community, A “Heal a woman, Heal a Nation”. By providing this event we are intentionally, deliberately and energetically planting a seed that has the potential to transform the attendees, facilitators and the event itself.

If you'd like to be sponsor for this event please contact me so we can discuss sponsorship levels.

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