Women's Wellness Book Club 

 Our Women’s Wellness Book Club. This is a wellness space for women of all stages and ages: Maiden, Lover, Midwife, Mother and Matriarch. Womancode is our first book. Purchase your Woman Code book today! Registration open | Click here now. 

My favorite part about this book club is you don’t have to leave your home!!! We use technology to hold space for each other. Group chat for encouragement and posts, video chat and conference calls for the platform. You can join from across the country. 


• It Gives You a Push to the Finish.

• Decreases Stress.

• Gain New Friends and Get Involved with the Community.

• Gain New Perspectives.

• Boosts Teamwork Skills.

• Gain new perspectives. • Get outside your comfort zone.

• Learn in an informal environment.

• Improve and maintain communication skills.

• Encourage cultural awareness.

• Better Your Own Writing Skills.

Grab your tea, your blanket, book and device as we connect in the name of Women’s Wellness. We are gonna have a good time. 

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