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A Kemetic Yoga System

I want to breath, meditate and move in a way that activates my self healing then share this self care tool with others. One of the divine messages that came to me during meditation one day is "Your first job is to stay centered". Thef Neteru Sema Paut : Postures of the Gods and Goddesses (Smai Tawi a Kemetic Yoga System) is a path of self mastery and divinity. It is a lifestyle and a way of life. As a benefit we began to heal, become flexible, breath better and become stronger and less stressed. Healing is a constant process and health is always the result of healing.  I want to share The Thef Neteru System with my community, the mothers I serve, family, and friends because of the many transformational  benefits it presents to individuals. Change begins with the individual. 

What is Smai Tawi ? 


Egyptian Yoga also known as Smai Tawi  is a spiritual practice. Smai Tawi is a Kemetic (Egyptian) yoga system "of enlightenment based upon the practices of physical movements combined with controlled deep breathing and meditation."- " Smai Tawi is a "Kemetic" (Ancient African) phrase meaning the 'The Union of Two Lands.' It is symbolic of the Higher & Lower Consciousness coming together to balance and keep the mind, body and spirit as One. Smai Tawi is the oldest form of Yoga."